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What is TSCM?

In your own boardroom or when traveling abroad, you need to have confidence that your conversations aren’t being heard outside of your circle of trust. And when the stakes are high and nothing can be left to chance, that’s when you bring in Elsur. 

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) is not yet a common term in the corporate world, but it’s a service that more and more executives are finding indispensable. As the value of intellectual capital soars and the ability to profit from it illicitly proliferates, companies need to safeguard their investments by providing a higher level of electronic security, especially at critical meetings taking place at off-site locations.

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Elsur will work with you to determine the relevant risk of any situation, then devise a plan to mitigate vulnerabilities, while detecting and eliminating all attacks on your privacy. 

Our consultants are familiar with the most sophisticated technology being used in the world of corporate espionage. They can also uncover everyday devices being deployed for illegal surveillance while hiding in plain sight. In addition to our technical proficiency, our decades in law enforcement have attuned us to the human behavioral clues that can indicate the presence of a listening device.

For many decades we have upheld the high standards for integrity demanded of federal agents, so you can trust that our methods, processes and philosophies will be compatible with your company’s values.

Counter Measure Tasks

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Working with Elsur Group

Because of our experience with almost every situation and scenario involving electronic surveillance, Elsur Group can handle almost any job without placing a burden on your time or resources. Consultations can take place remotely, in most cases. After we have a firm understanding of your needs and the job specifications, we will provide you our fee and an estimate of expenses. We will then travel to the sight and perform the necessary services to your complete satisfaction. You will also be issued a report as to our findings.

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